Be the Best at What Matters Most in Versioning Control

I won't give you details on git version control tools. Instead, I'll only ask you to commit to memory these few commands...

Bayesian Ideal Points Estimation

Packages you’ll need First of all, make sure you’ve a working C++ compiler in your machine; you’ll need it for Stan/rstan to work. # devtools::install_github("dmarcelino/SenadoBR") # devtools::install_github("rmcelreath/rethinking") library(readr) # pacakge for reading data library(rstan) # package for interacting with Stan (sampling over distributions) # library(rethinking) # package for interacting with Stan library(ggplot2) # package for plotting Introduction This tutorial will use data from the brazilian Senate, and build a comparison between two approaches very widespread in the political science studies.

Bolsonaro's First Job Approval Ratings

President Jair Bolsonaro's job approval ratings average 39.5% during his first quarter in office so far.

Reading List Faster With parallel, doParallel, and pbapply

It's important to realise that every bit of optimisation matters.

Will Brazil Goes to the Instant Runoff Election?

Pundits have been asking themselves over the last days if the Brazilian far-right candidate would win the election in the primary runoff.

The Effective Number of Parties in the Electorate by Year and Region

Using the American National Election Studies, compute the Effective Number of Parties in the electorate across regions and years/waves.

Data, Data, Data

Shows the distribution of therapeutic communities in Brazil.

Scraping with R and Selenium

Selenium is a set of web tools or a framework that allows us to automate web browser actions. RSelenium is a R package that allows us to use our seperate installation of selenium inside R. Hence, R can literally 'drive' our browser, so it can see …

A Bit More Fragmented

This entry discusses the legislative elections in Brazil, which turned out to produce one of the most fragmented parliament in the world.

Yep. He made it, the country voted No

This post talks big about my last predictions for the Referendum in Scotland.