SciencesPo Package

This is a minimal set of notes and examples of using the R package SciencesPo: A Tool Set for Analyzing Political Behaviour Data.

FPTP2AV: Simulate Election Outcomes for Alternative Vote System Using the Actual FPTP Votes

This project was packaged and became a beta version for publication. The set of scripts simulates election outcomes under a different voting system. Taking First Past the Post (FPTP) votes as imputes, the package simulates hypothetical outcomes given the Alternative Vote System.

SoundexBR: Phonetic-Coding for Portuguese

This project was packaged in 2011 under the name: SoundexBR. The package provides an algorithm for decoding names into phonetic codes, as pronounced in Portuguese. The goal is for homophones to be encoded as the same representation, so that they can match despite minor differences in spelling.

Multilevel Analysis

Master dissertation submitted to the University of Brasilia, investigating the impact of campaign spending in the Brazilian elections. This work uses a lot multilevel analysis models.