Bolsonaro's First Job Approval Ratings

President Jair Bolsonaro's job approval ratings average 39.5% during his first quarter in office so far.

Will Brazil Goes to the Instant Runoff Election?

Pundits have been asking themselves over the last days if the Brazilian far-right candidate would win the election in the primary runoff.

Porque dinheiro importa: a dinâmica das contribuições eleitorais para o Congresso Nacional em 2002 e 2006

Many scholars have written on money and elections, especially on how expenditures can explain the performance of the candidate. Our paper aims at describing some features of finance campaign for the Brazilian National Congress in 2002 and 2006, based …

Sobre dinheiro e eleições: um estudo dos gastos de campanha para o Congresso Nacional em 2002 e 2006

Master dissertation submitted to the University of Brasilia, investigating the impact of campaign spending in the Brazilian elections. This work uses a lot multilevel analysis models.